World Farmers’ Organisation
The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) is a farmer organisation, made by farmers for farmers.
It is member-based and brings together national farmers’ organizations and agricultural cooperatives, from all over the world.
WFO aim is to strengthen the voice of food producers on the global scene, enhancing their relevance as economic, social and environmental actors. Currently, WFO represents approximately 1.5 billion farmers from 54 countries all over the world.
WFO is the reference organization representing the farmers’ community in the United Nations processes including, among others, the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development, the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.
WFO strength lies in its composition and in its capacity to act as a catalyst for the voices of world farmers in the global agenda
Great ambitions, whether projects or specific objectives, can only be achieved together and for the common interest

The mission of WFO is to be the renowned representative international organisation, letting the world farmers’ voice be heard through farmers at the world stage on the most relevant issues affecting farmers worldwide now and in the future The vision of WFO is to foster the economic viability of farming activities, aimed at improving the livelihood conditions of farmers, their families and the rural communities they work and live in and strengthening the contribution of the farming community in tackling the challenges mankind faces.


The strategy of WFO is:
  • To expand the membership base as a representative international member-based and member-driven farmers’ organisation;
  • To deepen and create new alliances with relevant external stakeholders, build stronger links among WFO members and facilitate exchanges among its members and between its members and WFO’s stakeholders;
  • To draft policy documents, taking into account the farmers’ view, as well as stakeholders views and expert evidence available, which contribute to the relevant international debates;
  • To externally advocate the adoption of policies, which contribute to the realization of the WFO’s vision;
  • To have all farmer organisations in the world as effective and capable contributors to the international policy debate, thus enabling all farmers of the world to have a voice through their farmers’ organisations and so strengthen their influence through the WFO.