14 Oct 2017

October 15th, International Day of Rural Women. Join us in celebrating women!


Today is the International Day of Rural Women. Women’s role in rural communities is crucial, but too often not recognised: in addition to their work they take care of families but they are not fairly rewarded for this double role. Moreover, they face greater difficulties than men in accessing education and work, and production resources including land, credit, water, inputs, advisory services etc.

The World Farmers’ Organisation supports women and is fighting for their empowerment and for the recognition of women’s key role in society and especially in rural communities. WFO draws attention to the need for governments to stand behind their commitments to achieving gender equality, women's and girls' rights and women's empowerment by lowering social barriers and translating those commitments into national policies, programmes, investments and adequate human and financial resources.  Furthermore, the governments need to monitor the progress towards this goal.

WFO is heavily committed in promoting rural women’s role, gender equality and better conditions for women. Since 2013 WFO has a Women Committee made up of women farmers from all over the world to share experiences and develop strategies to ensure better conditions to women in agriculture.

Join us in celebrating rural women!