Farmers Pride Restaurant - Ghana

In Accra, Ghana, an exceptional restaurant just opened. This is the Farmers Pride Restaurant, inspired by the American Founding Farmers that are having a great success in the United States. The idea was founded in 2008 by the North Dakota farmers organization North Dakota Farmers Union (NFU); NFU was inspired by the concept of family farming to create farmers’ restaurants that bring to the table their best products. The project was successful and now Founding Farmers is well known and highly considered for the quality of the food, with  restaurants located in Washington DC and Montgomery County in Maryland. Behind this success, there is the motto "True Food & Drink" or " quality and natural ingredients". Founding Farmers join the quality of the products, which are fresh and are prepared by talented chefs, with a particular attention to the environmental sustainability. The attention to the environment is reflected in the seasonal menus that change regularly and observe the seasonality of the products, without using hormones and antibiotics. Additionally, vegetarian and vegan dishes are served to meet the needs of the most eco-friendly customers. Environmental awareness is also reflected in the building and in the interior design, which are made with recycled materials, such as wood razed bar, repurposed steel, aluminum and recycled fabrics and carpeting with more than 50% post-consumer content material. Waste is composted and recycled, just as it was the case in rural households, where they tried not to throw anything away.
The name Founding Farmers comes from a combination of ideas: the celebration of the land and of the American family farmers, with a clear reference to the founding fathers of the country. The rich history of American culinary tradition is celebrated, in fact, in all the menus of Founding Farmers, mainly to promote the products of American farmers; high quality international dishes are also included in the menus. And what about carbon footprint? They buy carbon offsets to ensure that, regardless of the distance distribution, Founding Farmers is walking its talk that the planet matters. They are trying not to loose sight and attention to the origin of the products to ensure safe and fresh food .
All of these concepts have been taken up by a group of Ghanaian farmers who visited the Founding Farmers in Washington, DC and decided to replicate the project in Ghana. The name of the restaurant is "Farmers Pride Restaurant" but the concept behind it is the same: the celebration of local, healthy, fresh and traditional products in a family atmosphere. In the menu of the restaurant you will find traditional Ghanaian dishes made with local products, paying attention to food quality and environmental sustainability. The American customer will probably have a different taste from the Ghanaian, but we are sure that they both look for fresh farm-to-table quality food. This project will surely have positive economic implications and hopefully there will be a spill over effect.