Empowering Rural Women Through Agricultural Innovation

12 Mar 2014

The World Farmers Organisation (WFO) and Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) co-sponsored a parallel event at the United Nations (UN) Commission on Status of Women (CSW) on 12 March, 2014 in New York. “Empowering Rural Women Through Agricultural Innovation” highlighted the farmer panelists’ first-hand experiences from their family farm proving how innovation leads to women farmers success and empowerment. Panelists included: Ms. Rose Akaki, Uganda; Ms. María Adela Nores Bodereau, Argentina; Ms. Mildred Crawford, Jamaica; and Mr. Robert Carlson, WFO President; and Mrs. Susan Carlson, WFO Women’s Committee Facilitator moderated the panel.


First-hand involvement by women farmers in the research and development process of agricultural innovation is crucial to reach sustainable development in the long term. Farmers are at the forefront of innovations and they play an integral role in achieving food security; in this context, rural women play a critical role in the rural economies of both developed and developing countries. We are now facing the challenge of how to enable and empower rural women to become successful entrepreneurs, thus improving their livelihoods and make their income-generating activities more profitable. Rural women and their families are the backbone of the agriculure sector; they participate in crop production and livestock care, provide food for their families, and carry out vital functions in caring for children, and families.


Mr Robert Carlson, President, WFO, Rome
Ms Rose Akaki, Farmer and Member, UNFFE, Kampala
Ms María Adela Nores Bodereau, Rancher and Member, SRA, Buenos Aires
Ms Mildred Crawford, President, Jamaica Network of Rural Women Producers (JNRWP), Clarendon, Jamaica

Mrs Susan Carlson, Facilitator, WFO Women’s Committee, Rome