Workshop on Climate Services for Farmers

14 Apr 2013

Farmers are on the front line of climate change, and their lives and livelihoods are directly affected by its impacts. At the same time, farmers are also vital to implementing many of the solutions we need to help delay or curb climate change. The seminar will feature in-depth discussions on climate services for farmers and the challenges farmers face related to climate change in the Asian region. Furthermore, there will be an exchange of experiences of farmers’ needs for climate services with the aim of finding innovative solutions to respond to these needs in order to improve farmers’ production and livelihoods.

Organizers: WFO, WMO

Date: 14 April 2013, Niigata, Japan

WFO and WMO have collected a series of best practices on how farmers have implemented strategies or means to adapt to and mitigate climate change. The best practices have been compiled into a booklet entitled ClimatEasy, A savvy use of Meteorological information for Farmers. The workshop takes place in this framework and offers a face to face exchange among farmers and climate change experts from around the globe.

Agriculture, climate change, food security and poverty reduction are inextricably linked. This link is unique to the agriculture sector, and the sector therefore, deserves unique treatment. As the world population grows to an estimated 9 billion in 2050 it is projected that food production will have to increase by 60 – 100 %. The increased production must come at a time when global warming, climate volatility, more frequent and extreme weather events and temperature changes increasingly threaten the viability of the agriculture sector and rural infrastructure throughout the world.


Sunday, April 14, 2013


09.00 - 09.10 Opening Session:

Remarks by Robert Stefanski, WMO
Remarks by Robert Carlson, WFO


09.20 - 10.30 Session 1: Climate Services

Overview of the Global Framework on Climate Services
by Robert Stefanski (WMO)

Climate change and climate services for farmers
by Anette Engelund Friis (Danish Agriculture & Food Council)

Interactive Exercise on Seasonal Climate Forecasts

10:30 – 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 – 11.30 Session 2: Challenges for Farmers in Asia

Presentation by Peter Prins, LTO Noord
Presentation by Sok Sotha, CFAP Cambodia
Presentation by Agusdin Pulungan, WAMTI


11.30 – 12.30 Session 3: Farmers’ Needs for Climate Services

Break out sessions of WFO representatives to develop requirements for climate services. This can include WFO representatives from other regions.

12.30 - 13:30 Lunch

13.30 – 14.30 Session 3: Farmers’ Needs for Climate Services (continued)

Break out sessions (continued).
Presentations by Breakout groups

14.30 – 16.30 Session 4: Discussion of Farmers’ Needs

Group discussion of Farmers’ Needs

16.30 – 17.30 Session 5: Closing

Remarks by Robert Stefanski, WMO
Remarks by Carina Hirsch, WFO