WFO at the WTO Public Forum

03 Oct 2013

In the framework of the WTO Public Forum, WFO will present its policy on international trade in agricultural products. A multi-stakeholder panel will discuss the related policy objectives as well as the global policy recommendations to reinforce the global agricultural trading system.

Organizers: WFO

Date: 3 October 2013, WTO Headquarters, Geneva


WFO Policy on International Trade

Farmers play a crucial role feeding the world’s population. They also help maintain viable rural communities and are responsible for protecting the world’s finite natural resources. However, they face many challenges including growing pressure on vital land and water resources, climate change, which is already having effects in many parts of the globe, and an increase in price volatility.
A strong agricultural sector is necessary if the world’s population is to be ensured a secure, stable and healthy food supplies In future, and farming continues to contribute to growth and rural development.
Promoting trade is one important way of addressing these challenges. Trade contributes to evening out demand and supply imbalances, thus contributing to food security and nutrition objectives, promoting the efficiency in the use of resources and contributing to economic growth.
Trade also provides farmers with increased market opportunities, thereby enabling to improve their incomes and livelihoods, and contributing to the overall prosperity of rural communities.



Session: WFO Policy on International Trade


Mr Robert Carlson, President, World Farmers’ Organisation, Rome

Ms Shelby Matthews, Chief Policy Adviser, European Farmers- European Agri-Cooperatives, Brussels

Mr Jervis Zimba, Vice-President, World Farmers’ Organisation, Rome

Mr Bruce Wills, President Federated Farmers of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand

Moderator: HE John Adank, Permanent Representative of New Zealand to the World Trade Organization and Chairperson of the WTO Special Committee on Agriculture