02 May 2013

International Year of Family Farming: Swiss Committee is launched

Already at the beginning of 2012 the Swiss Farmers Union and the Swiss Association for Mountain Regions decided to make a commitment to the International Year of Family Farming 2014.
In the meantime the circle of interested organisations that are involved in their work with the concerns of family farming in Switzerland and abroad is growing and have joined forces in a national committee:
Associations and NGOs:
    -    Swiss Farmers Union
    -    Swiss Agricultural and Country Women’s Association
    -    Swiss Working Party for Mountain Regions
    -    HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation
    -    Swissaid
Research, Consultancy, Information:
    -    Agricultural Information Service (LID)
    -    Agridea (rural advisory service)
    -    Agroscope (research)
Observers from the Federal Administration:
    -    Federal Office for Agriculture  (FOAG)
    -    Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
The common mission is to promote awareness of the importance of family farming – for Switzerland and throughout the world – and to further develop family farming in a sustainable manner. Taking into consideration the development of society and the economy, thought should be given to the role that family farming plays now and in the future, whether with respect to social and economic life or the sustainable development of rural areas.
The Committee has already organised a workshop with interested farmers from all different parts of the country. Thematic focuses for the campaign in Switzerland were discussed and ideas for activities gathered. Now it‘s a question of making the necessary preparations and transforming these ideas into reality!