14 Oct 2017

4th edition of the WFO-GRA Study Tour starts today!

The World Farmers’ Organisation along the Global Research Alliance on Greenhouse Gases, led by the Government of New Zealand, is proud to announce the fourth edition of its Study Tour 2017.

The WFO – GRA Study Tour is intended for young farmers and graduate agricultural scientists and aims to grow a common understanding between the two groups on technical and practical aspects of agricultural greenhouse gases and food production. The Fellowship Programme involves professional development courses on farming practices and tools for managing environmental impacts and enhancing productivity and on the development of agricultural greenhouse gas inventories. The two courses include separate and combined sessions for participating farmers and researchers. The Programme will build alumni that will be able to share their knowledge in national, regional and international contexts supporting strengthened communication between farmers and scientists.


Following the Opening that took place yesterday at Circolo Canottieri Aniene with the participation of WFO President Dr. Theo De jager and of H.E. Ambassador Patrick John Rata, today starts the two-day Fellowship Workshop on climate with lectures climate change, international policies related to climate change and practices aim at reducing the impact of food production on GHG emissions.


On Monday participants will visit Maccarese farm, Coldiretti’s member and specialised in livestock production and then Ortosole farm, member of the Italian Farmers’ Confederation (CIA), specialised in implementing climate smart solutions mitigating climate change in crop production.

On Tuesday 17 October, participants will visit the Council for Agricultural Research and Agrarian Economy (CREA-ZA), the main Italian research organization involved in agro-food.

On October 18, will take place the last Fellowship Workshop at WFO headquarters.