04 Sep 2017

Dr. Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina is the 2017 World Food Prize Laureate


Credit: The World Food Prize


Dr. Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, named as the 2017 World Foods Prize Laurate.

All his career has been dedicated to the development and the modernisation of African Agriculture and to the support of small-scale farmers. Particularly, he was able to steer the political will towards the expansion of agricultural production; fighting corruption in Nigerian agricultural sector and improving availability of credit for small-scale farmers.

Before to be appointed President of the African Development Bank, he was part of the Rockefeller Foundation, Vice-President of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and Minister of Agriculture in Nigeria. Thanks to his work as Agriculture Minister, Nigeria showed a great increase in food production and incomes for farmers.

Since 2015 Dr. Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina is President of the African Development Bank and his commitment was immediately directed towards farmers, working with governments and business leaders to increase livelihood of African farmers.

WFO congratulates with President Adesina for his achievement and wishing him to continue with the same successes in the rest of his mandate.