24 Apr 2017

Famers of the world united celebrated the Earth Day 2017, on April 22nd

After one year from the signature of the Paris Agreement signing, Farmers take the occasion of the International Earth Day, today, to call up on the Governments of the world to join their efforts in support of the Paris Agreement implementation towards a sustainable planet earth.
Farmers on their side stand ready to continue their daily work in looking for climate smart solutions in their farming practices. Planet earth, agriculture and climate have an inner link, which alone grants a sustainable future to the next generations.
 Over centuries, farmers have implemented innovative methodologies to build their resilience to better adapt to the changing climate, while constantly inventing new ways to mitigate it. Farmers are those who protect biodiversity, soils and water and also those who take care of lands and atmosphere by managing forests and woodlands. Therefore, with the support of all stakeholders, farmers proudly take the honor to be key players in the protection of the whole planet.
The International Earth Day today remind all of us of the critical importance to work together towards a more sustainable future, with a view to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which involves every human being on this planet, leaving none behind this privilege.