21 Feb 2017

Farmers at Post-COP22 Meeting in Rabat



February 21st 2017 - Today the farmers' constituency took part to the consultations, held in Rabat, in line with the vision of the COP22 Steering Committee to provide coherence of action from different civil society parties accredited to the UNFCCC and the incoming COP23 Presidency.

The five objectives of the meeting were:

1) Coordination of civil society group approaches:
Taking into consideration its concern for constructive integration, the COP22 Presidency seeks to facilitate the coordination between the « constituencies » of civil society in order to strengthen the impact of their contributions and consolidate their crucial involvement.

2) Coordination between the COP22 Presidency and incoming COP23 Presidency in support of these approaches:
The COP22 Presidency proposes to work together with the incoming COP23 Presidency with the goals of ensuring productive continuity of work and gradual transition.

3) Preparation for the Bonn Conference in May 2017:
The consultations between participants at this meeting in Rabat will serve to prepare the 46th session of the SBI and SBSTA and the 3rd meeting of the APA.

4) Linking with the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action:
Scenarios linking civil society efforts and the Champions’ agenda will be explored.

5) « Branding » of the global climate strategy: Given the sensitive global context concerning the question of climate change, this day is to serve as a reminder of the importance of this cause to the COP22 Moroccan Presidency. A final outcome document of the consultations will be published on the UNFCCC website.


Farmers Constituency reflections on COP22

The Farmers’ Constituency which represents millions of farmers from all corners of the world welcomes the opportunity to reflect on our experience of COP22, set out our requests for next steps in 2017 and identify areas where we would welcome the support of the COP22 civil society pole.

Our response focuses on two subjects:

1. Opportunities to empower farmers by putting them at the centre of discussions and action

The Farmers Constituency have gratefully seized the opportunities made available to ensure the greater engagement of farmers in the negotiations. We are still a relatively new constituency and so we would appreciate additional opportunities for farmers to be more effectively engaged.

At the proposed meeting in February, there may be merit in a discussion on how the Civil Society Engagement Pole could add value to the in-session workshop on observer engagement at SBI 46.

2. Mobilising appropriate, effective and equitable international action on agriculture

We very much appreciated the hard work undertaken by the COP22 presidency to try and ensure that Marrakesh was a significant stepping stone to appropriate, effective and equitable international action on agriculture. However we were disappointed by the barriers which remain to a substantive SBSTA decision on agriculture.

With Morocco’s strong interest in agriculture, we believe that this is an area where we could work closely together to address these barriers. In addition, we believe that the Civil Society Engagement Pole can help by advocating for strong implementation of the Paris Agreement and to ensure that parties adopt a consistent approach that involves all sectors.

Finally we would like to wholeheartedly congratulating the Moroccan government and its citizens on the excellent organisation and hospitality we encountered during our attendance at COP22.