18 Jan 2018

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2018 “Shaping the Future of Livestock – sustainably, responsibly, efficiently”


Credit: The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

Berlin, January 18th 2018 – The 10th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) starts today in the CityCube in Berlin and will last until January 20th. The event is held in the context of the International Green Week that will be held in the German Capital city from 19th to 28th January.

GFFA is an international conference that focuses on the main issues related to the agri-food industry and the theme chosen this year is “Shaping the Future of Livestock – sustainably, responsibly, efficiently”. The event gathers the leading experts in the field from politics, academia, business and civil society which will discuss how to integrate innovation and livestock to meet the growing demand for food of animal origin, improving farmers’ livelihoods and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

The wide agenda includes:

- The Kick-off event;

- The Cooperation Market where associations, companies, universities and the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMEL) will showcase their activities in the agri-food sector;

- The Expert Panel Discussions that will be the information platforms to share different ideas and perspectives among the actors involved;

- The two High Level Panels organised by the World Organisation for Animal Health and by the European Commission, the results of which will be incorporated into the final communiqué;

- the Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference that will bring together politicians from all over the world to discuss the theme and reach a joint position that will be included in the final communiqué;

- the International Business Panel Discussion during which the most eminent international experts will be able to express their view and reach a common position.

The GFFA is organised by the BMEL in cooperation with the GFFA Berlin e V., the Senate of Berlin and Messe Berlin GmbH.


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