11 Dec 2017

International Mountain Day, December 11th 2017


Today, December 11th we are celebrating the International Mountain Day. In 2002 the increasing attention for mountains pushed the General Assembly of the United Nations to declare that year as International Year of Mountains. On the same occasion it was decided to celebrate Mountains every year on December 11th starting from 2003.

The theme of this year is “Mountain under Pressure: climate, hunger, migration” and the celebrations aim to raise awareness about the sustainable development of the mountain communities.

About a billion people live in mountain areas and half of the world population depends on the mountainous areas for food and water supply. However the mountains are at risk threatened by climate change and unsustainable exploitation of its resources.

Currently 39% of the population of mountain communities (about 329 million people) is vulnerable to food insecurity, that’s why they are forced to migrate to urban areas. Who stay are the most vulnerable and disadvantage, sharpening the difficulties of the mountain and of those who live there.

Mountains cover around 22% of earth’s land surface and about 13% of the world’s population lives there in poverty, 1 on 3 facing the threat of food insecurity.

the inhabitants of the mountains are mostly farmersand improving their livelihood is crucial to the survival of mountains communities and to preserve the environment.

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