17 Jan 2018

January 17th Day two of Gymnasium in Berlin


The second session of Gymnasium Program in Berlin comes to an end.

Today our Young leaders took part to the lecture of Dr. Franc Josef Feiter, former German Secretary of State and former Secretary General of COPA-COGECA. His lecture was mainly focused on the international cooperation projects of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and how they are selected, managed and implemented.

Then the participants split up in four working groups to elaborate and share ideas and experiences. The four working groups were about:

1) Sustainable production in the livestock sector;

2) Climate-smart farming/smart livestock;

3) Anti-microbial resistance for animal health;

4) Animal well-being.


In the afternoon participants drafted and adopted the outcome document that will be the basis for the declaration that Young Farmers will deliver at the 10th Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference of the Global Forum on Food and Agriculture, on 20th January.


Subsequently, in his closing remarks President Theo De Jager stated how to lead an organisation: “in Farmers’ organisation most of the work is building trust and making sure that everyone is on board” and “you approach the people you lead with a plan. To have a plan you must be able to read the future. See where you want to be. This is what distinguishes a good leader from a mediocre one”.

Stay tuned for the next session of Gymnasium Program!