26 Jan 2018

Meeting of the Farming First Steering Committee, January 12 2018


Last January 12th the World Farmers’ Organisation participated to the Farming First Steering Committee.

Farming First is a coalition of 180 organisations representing the world’s farmers, scientists, engineers and industry as well as agricultural development organisations created to promote activities and programs to a further development of the world’s sustainable agricultural development and to raise awareness on the role of farmers in the major challenges that the world will face in the years ahead.

The meeting focused on the activities carried out in 2017 and on those that will take place in 2018. Prticularly, the success of the campaigns “SDG2 Countdown” and “Agriculture and Food Day” were stressed.

Then were analysed the data of the online communication: the video “Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy” reached 200.000 views while the twitter account has now more than 50.000 followers.

With regard of the future activities, the Steering Committee flagged interest in the following policy issues:

- Agroecology

- Resilience

- water

- Food loss and waste

- SDGs

- Soil pollution

- Climate change

- Anti-microbial resistance (AMR)

- Nutrition-sensitive farming

- Urban farming

During the meeting had been presented the proposed activity plan for the Farming First on Rural Women and the one related to Agroecology. The former is an online campaign leading up to UN’s Commission on the Status of Women that aims at filling the gender gap, while the latter will be a two-parts campaign that will start on April to coincide with the FAO’s Agroecology Summit followed by a seires of “roadshows”.