11 Oct 2017

Ms. Sarah Crofoot's on the effectiveness of CFS


Ms.Sarah Crofoot during the plenary session of the CFS 44 gave her statement on the monitoring mechanism of the effectiveness of CFS.

"World Farmers’ Organization presents its compliments to the CFS Chair, Secretariat and the Member States for the excellent work dispensed so far in the different items under discussionand particularly in addressing the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of the Committee.

I am Sarah Crofoot, a farmer from New Zealand.

Farmers recognize the importance of monitoring and all the efforts made by the Open- ended Working Group this year. For instance, an effective and reliable monitoring mechanism is essential to ensure that the main CFS policy products and recommendations are well disseminated and implemented, thus making the work of the Committee really effective. The relevance of the monitoring activity has also been underlined in the evaluation report, and it should be mainstreamed in each of the workstreams. By doing so special attention should be given on the relevance of the work for effected on the ground.

Farmers are to be involved in monitoring activities as they are the main target of the majority of the CFS products and of all the agricultural policies which could be influenced and/or based on the CFS products.

We welcome the decision of doing the next 3 Global Thematic Events on such relevant topics as the Voluntary Guidelines to support the Progressive Realization of the Right to Food in the Context of national Food Security in 2018, the Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises in 2020 and the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems in 2022. These events will be important also to analyze challenges and successes of the monitoring activity on this policy products as well as their implementation, thus contributing to monitor and improve the effectiveness of the Committee.

Farmers believe in the importance of the monitoring mechanism and in the need for the CFS to improve its effectiveness and will continue to give their pragmatic contribution in the future according to how the results of the Evaluation process will affect the role and functioning of the OEWG on monitoring".