15 Sep 2017

President Theo de Jager meets Mr. Dino Scanavino, President of CIA (Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori)


Today in Rome WFO President Dr. Theo de Jager, met Mr. Dino Scanavino, President of CIA (Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori). The discussion was mainly focused on the problems faced by farmers everyday, particularly those related to climate change: droughts, hail, frosts and rain affect farmers and cause a decrease of production leading to lower incomes for farmers.

Not just climate change was at the centre of the meeting. Dr. de Jager and Mr. Scavino analysed the problems related to animal diseases, viruses and plagues that attack the crops and too often create enormous losses to farmers.

Then was analyse the role of farmers organisation in supporting their member in such situation and how to incentivise farmers to join them: an insurance for farmers financed by membership fee was one of the options on the table.

They also talked about the need to develop more effective activities to train and empower farmers, especially in Africa where subsistence farming is still present in many areas. A field in which World Farmers’ Organisation is extremely active.

The meeting finished with an invite from President Scanavino to President De Jager to the 40th anniversary of CIA the 20th December 2017.