09 May 2017

Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) 46 in session workshop


Bonn May 9th 2017 - At its forty-fourth session, the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) noted the evolution of stakeholder engagement in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCC, process and recalled the increased recognition of, and references to various non-Party stakeholders in the Paris Agreement. Moreover, it reaffirmed the value of contributions from constituencies of stakeholder, including farmers, to deliberations on substantive issues and acknowledged the need to further enhance the effective engagement of observer organizations, including WFO, as the UNFCCC process moves forward towards the implementation and operationalization of the Paris Agreement.

Today, in the framework of the Inter-Sessional meetings of the UNFCCC, in Bonn, SBI has convened an in-session workshop at SBI 46 on Opportunities to further enhance the effective engagement of non-Party stakeholders with a view to strengthening the implementation of the provisions of its decision. WFO contributed to the workshop, on behalf of the farmers’ constituency.

“Today we celebrate 145 ratifications of the Paris Agreement, which gives a strong mandate to strengthen the participation of stakeholders for an effective implementation of the Paris” said Secretary General of UNFCCC, Patricia Espinosa, while addressing the opening session of the SBI in session workshop. “This workshop is our opportunity to build the good partnership with have established with stakeholders.”

Minister Seruiratu from Fiji clearly stated “Fiji Presidency is fully committee to support the valuable role of all stakeholders to the PA implementation. Successful implementation of the PA cannot be achieved by parties only, unless non-party stakeholders are involved” Important role of the stakeholders is to provide technical role to the Governments for a transparent and effective implementation” Today’s workshop must provide a first step to foster the involvement of stakeholders in the PA implementation, which can be further strengthened on the occasion of COP 23”.