08 Feb 2019

Farmers want to have their say! Is the EAT-LANCET Commission ready for an open and holistic debate?

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Rome, Italy, February 8th, 2019 – After the launch of the report “Food, Planet, Health”, calling for a global reduction of meat, dairy and sugar to meet the challenge of feeding a growing world population as well as reducing climate change effects, the EAT-Lancet Commission presented the report’s key takeaways and specific actions that farmers can take to contribute to the “Great Food Transformation”.

The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) reminds that farmers produce a wide variety of food for year-round consumption. This variety provides a balanced and healthy diet, with high nutritional value vegetables, fruits, grains and animal products, and is key to end all forms of malnutrition and ensure healthy lives for all across the globe.

Farmers are called to play a significant role in providing a sustainable future and they deserve to participate in all relevant policy and research processes that relate to food security, nutrition and sustainable food systems. This is unfortunately not always the case.

Working through the entire value chain in a joint bottom-up approach, including all the actors, is the only way to get win-win solutions for a sustainable future. 

The farmers of the world stand ready to do their part and are inviting the EAT-Lancet Commission to meet with the worldwide farmers’ leaders for an open, inclusive and holistic debate during the upcoming WFO General Assembly in Luxembourg in May.