01 Mar 2019

The Farmers’ Route! Farmers pave the way towards a brighter future for all

WFO GA 2019 logo 01 1200x403

This is the title of the upcoming edition of the WFO General Assembly!

Organized in collaboration with our Luxembourgian Member Baueren Allianz, this year GA will take place at the Alvisse Parc Hotel, 120 Route d’Echternach, 1453 Luxembourg, from May 20th to 23rd.

We have great ambitions for this GA, and we hope that it will inspire fruitful discussion and forward-looking steps, in order to drive the agriculture towards a brighter future for all.

The overall theme of the event will be focused on where agriculture will be in the future and how to get there, putting the farmers at the centre of this path.

The event will last four days and the first will be more pragmatically oriented on our working groups and it will also feature a meeting of The Climakers Alliance. In the evening, the opening ceremony will officially give a start to our GA. All the working group members are therefore invited to join the GA this year.

The second day will be reserved to our Internal Affairs Session, including the election of the president, the approval of the accounts and of relevant new policy papers. It will also feature an extraordinary session for the approval of the Statutes review.

The third day will see the farmers of the world launching their “Farmers’ Route” to all the guests from international organizations, private sector, research bodies and civil society. The Farmers driven approach will guide the debate on how innovation is shaping farming, food systems, financing, in the framework of the Sustainability challenge.

The fourth day will allow us to discover the farming sector in Luxembourg. We are all looking forward to it!

May 2019 is coming up and Luxembourg is waiting for all of us for another amazing experience to pave the way towards an even stronger farmers driven sustainable food system!

There are only few days to go live with our brand-new dedicated website… we will be back to you very soon!