12 May 2017

WFO addressing UNFCCC Technical Expert Meeting on Attracting private sector engagement for ambitious mitigation actions, Bonn, 11 May


Aside the inter-sessional negotiations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC, a Technical Expert Meeting on “Attracting private sector investors and business solutions for ambitious mitigation actions” was held this morning in Boon. The event provided successful examples of mobilizing the private sector for sustainable agriculture, forestry and other land use sector. Me Theo de Jager addressed the panel with a keynote presentation, on behalf of WFO.
An effective implementation of the Paris Agreement will be achieved through enhanced engagement and cooperation of Parties, Convention bodies, international organizations and non-Party stakeholders, including farmers, in identifying actionable high potential mitigation policies, practices and technologies and facilitating their accelerated implementation.
In his keynote presentation, Mr De Jager stated: “Market is the King for the farmers. Market is the pulling force of value chains, it determines competitiveness, dictates preferences in input procurement and farming practices, which then affect price, quality, nutrition, environmental impact of products. While poor small-scale farmers need more, profitable farmers produce more with less. The big difference between the two is: access to innovation and technology. Knowledge, expertise, skills, education, training, empowerment and the aspiration to practice farming as a business is what farmers need to develop to influence the agriculture market.”
The event featured a discussion on how to enhance collaboration and partnerships among a wide range of stakeholders, including famers, governments private investors and international organizations, to scale up and replicate the best practices of climate mitigation. The overall focus was placed on attracting private sector investors and business solutions to accelerate mitigation actions in land use, including exposure to successes stories.

* The Technical Expert Meetings bring together experts from national and sub-national governments, private sector, financial institutions, leading international organizations and other stakeholders to examine in-depth opportunities to promote the implementation and increase in support for climate action.
The meetings are crucial to further accelerate it by 2020, and in implementing scalable, best practice policies needed to bridge the ambition gap.