21 Mar 2018

WFO and Bayer together to improve animal well-being


As a result of the partnership between the World Farmers’ Organisation and Bayer, the Care4Cattle initiative starts today, to improve animal well-being at farm level.

Enhancing animal well-being has always been part of WFO’s mission and it can be done only through the development of innovative techniques. The call is open to agricultural insiders: farmers, livestock veterinarians and scientists who adopt innovative who aim to improve animal well-being through the adoption of innovative techniques.

Dirk Ehle, Head of Animal Health from Bayer said: “Care4Cattle is our new exciting contribution to advancing animal well-being and we are pleased to partner with the World Farmers’ Organisation. Through Care4Cattle, we can support livestock professionals’ continued efforts to advance animal well-being, encourage more innovative thinking, and help turn great ideas into reality for the benefit of the animals. Taking care of the well-being of animals is the right thing to do.”

Theo De Jager, President of the World Farmers’ Organisation said: “Animal well-being is of growing emphasis around the world. Effective implementation of sustainable animal well-being standards requires constant innovation, as well as a strong partnership between farmers, industry, all levels of government and the community. For these reasons we are pleased to be able to collaborate with Bayer on this project. Improving cattle well-being at farm level benefits the animals, and this ultimately also benefits the farmers.”

The panel of judges will be composed of independent animal well-being experts form academia and the public sector, alongside WFO and Bayer representatives and they will decide who will win the 30.000€ grant.

The projects can be submitted until 25th June 2018 and they will be judged based on their:

•           Innovative approach

•           Impact on cattle well-being

•           Added value to farming operations

•           Relevance and feasibility in practice

•           Economic viability


Find out more at http://go.bayer.com/Care4Cattle

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