12 Sep 2017

WFO and New Zealand Government together in fighting climate change


Credit: IEG Policy

Next October 14 to 18 the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA) launched by the Government of New Zealand will meet in Rome for a Study Tour that will involve young farmers from all over the World.

Launched in 2009, the GRA has now 48 members States and aims to improve food production without growing greenhouse gas emissions. The Alliance is organised in working groups engaged in paddy rice, cropping and livestock, and coordinate cross-cutting activities across these areas.

Thanks to the fruitful partnership between World Farmers’ Organisation and GRA, the Study Tour now reached its fourth edition and is meant to improve understanding and engagement between farmers, policy makers and scientists.

Facing the increasing food demand and the challenges of climate change, the Programme seeks to share knowledge and spread the usage of the latest agricultural technologies and techniques to increase food production polluting less.

The Fellowship Programme involves professional development courses in farming systems (practices and tools managing environment impacts and enhancing productivity) and development of agricultural greenhouse gas inventories. The aim is to build alumni that will be able to share their knowledge in a range of regional and international for a supporting robust communication between farmers and scientists.

The Programme will take the form of a three day workshop covering:
- Climate change science;
- International climate change policy;
- Introduction to agricultural greenhouse gas Inventories including measurement of emissions, mitigation and UNFCCC reporting requirements.