19 Sep 2018

WFO Board approves International Secretariat internal procedure

The first Board Meeting after the Summer Break, held on September 12th, approved the internal procedures that will guide WFO International Secretariat activities from now on.

The said procedures will regulate the processes about Accounting and Financial Statement, Human Resources, Procurement, Internal and External Contributions and Treasury, providing the sequence of actions to be followed in solving a problem or accomplishing a task.

Developed by the WFO International Secretariat, in collaboration with PwC, the internal procedures will offer WFO members a better view on how the Secretariat and the resources of the organization are managed, so to build a renewed trust.

A training on the said procedures for the Secretariat Staff was run by PwC on September 14th.

Enhancing transparency is one of the key priorities of the WFO International Secretariat!