09 Mar 2018

WFO Board endorsed the outcome document of the Gymnasium session two in Berlin


Today the WFO Board endorsed the outcome document of the second session of the Gymnasium training program held in Berlin from 16th to 17th January 2018. During these two days our future Farmers leader made a series of recommendations for the improvement of the livestock sector, focusing on four principal areas of intervention:

- Sustainable production of the livestock sector;

- Anti-microbial resistance;

- Climate smart livestock production;

- Animal well-being.

These recommendations stress the need to improve the sustainability of the whole livestock sector taking into account the three pillars of which it is composed: environmental, social and economic. It is crucial to reduce the footprint per unit of production and to ensure the equal access to young Farmers to land, credit and markets.

Governments and the International Community have a key role in creating and maintaining a fair and balanced trade system that allow Farmers to develop their business under a favourable regulatory environment.

An alliance between Farmers, researchers and industries is needed to face anti-microbial resistance and to find alternative disease treatments to reduce the use of antibiotics ensuring the animal well-being.

The Gymnasium training program will continue in the following months in correspondence with the most important international meetings to combine training and discussion opportunities with eminent personalities from agriculture, business, politics and academy.