11 May 2017

WFO meet the COP23 Presidency of Fiji during the SBSTA/SBI negotiations in Bonn


Credit: https://twitter.com/COP23

On May 11th, a delegation of WFO meet the COP23 Presidency of Fiji, in Bonn during the SBSTA/SBI negotiations. WFO attended the meeting on behalf of the Farmers' constituency. Amb. Deo Saran, who represented the Fiji government, reiterated a strong interest from the COP23 Presidency to foster agriculture in the negotiations, as well as, in the guidelines for implementation of the Paris Agreement, which are being drafted by the parties and will be ready at the end of 2018. As Amb. Deo Saran said: "COP23 will be be the COP of actions. It if of our utmost priority to include agriculture in the implementation guidelines and we are very keen to collaborate with WFO and the entire farmers' constituency to mainstream farmers' position as much as possible". Amb. Saran has expressed words of appreciation for the submission of statements and positions made by the farmers' constituency. He also reassured that COP23 Presidency is doing its best to be present at WFO General Assembly, in June, in Helsinki. "Our collaboration will continue throughout COP23 with a view to give farmers and the overall agricultural sector the space they deserve in the implementation of the Paris Agreement", concluded Amb. Saran. WFO looks forward to a strengthened collaboration with Fiji Government for a successful COP23!