05 Dec 2016

WFO meeting with Representatives of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Ariège (France)

On December 5th, WFO hosted a meeting with the representatives of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Ariège (South-West France) to showcase the work of WFO in representing and advocating for the farmers in international policy for and to discuss a possible collaboration and partnership with the Chamber of Agriculture.Cy6QGRzXUAA98t1.jpg

During the meeting, the mandate, mission and the main activities of the WFO were explained with a focus on the work undertaken in the field of food security, value chain, climate change and generational renewal in agriculture. During the debate, a key element within the work of WFO was highlighted, particularly stressing the capacities of WFO to represent different perspectives of farmers worldwide, from small to large scale ones, through a unique voice. An overview of the WFO’s active participation to the main international political fora (UNGA, ECOSOC, WTO Public Forum, FAO’s CFS, COPs, IFAD’s Farmers Forum) was also provided.

The meeting offered the opportunity for exchanging views and ways of gathering farmers’ and farmers’ organizations into a common framework to advance the position of farmers for a sustainable agricultural sector.

WFO and the Chamber of Agriculture of the Ariège, recognized potential areas of interest and partnership, in the field of:
- youth engagement in agriculture;
- Innovation;
- Trade;
- Capacity-building.

François Toulis, President of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Ariège, invited WFO to visit the office of the Chamber and to discover the diversity of the agriculture in the region.