13 Jun 2018



On June 12nd WFO Secretary General, Ms. Arianna Giuliodori, gave a speech during the CEJA Presidium, in Brussels, to present what WFO is doing to support young farmers at the global level.
Access to land, credit and production rights as well as strengthening education and training facilities are priorities for young farmers and WFO is keen to work for and with young people in rural areas.
To strengthen its action and make its advocacy activities successful, Moscow 2018 GA marked the creation of a new committee on young farmers.
Recognizing the importance of professional growth and development of young farmers, WFO also launched in October 2017 the Gymnasium, a high-level capacity building programme to train young farmers as the future farmers’ leaders.
The programme that is organized with the support of Bayer is intended for 20 young farmers from all over the world and has a duration of 30 months.