31 Jul 2017

World Seed Partnership (WSP), Meeting at WFO Headquarter


On July 17th WFO received a delegation of the World Seed Partnership in its Headquarter in Rome.

WSP is an initiative taken by four international organisations after the Second World Seed Conference held in Rome in 2009, in which was highlighted the critical role of new plant varieties and high-quality seed in providing a dynamic and sustainable agriculture. The partner Organisations are OECD, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; UPOV, the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants; ISTA, the International Seed Testing Association; and ISF, the International Seed Federation.

World Seed Partnership aims at providing farmers the best seeds to ensure biodiversity, food security and economic development, keeping in mind sustainability. To reach this goal WFP focuses its action on enhancing cooperation between the partner Organisations and on setting a global quality standard for seeds.

The Alliance is coordinated through a Steering Committee in which are represented all the partner organisations.

The meeting was aimed at discussing possible future collaborations between WFO and the Partnership. As unique voice of farmers, WFO involvement is crucial to reach Partnership’s goals. Farmers are the final users of seeds and those who provide food security and take care of biodiversity, therefore their point of view is crucial in this issue.


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