23 Mar 2017

PRESS RELEASE | A Series of Success Stories on Agri-tourism








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New Booklet Showcases Farmers’ Success Stories on Agri-tourism


How to position agriculture and tourism in the Agenda 2030?

Rome, 23 March 2017 – A brand new booklet detailing a variety of success stories on agri-tourism has been released, in an effort to reveal the success factors under which agriculture and tourism,

agri-tourism, can capitalize the immense potential of both sectors in supporting economic

growth, job creation and poverty reduction.

The booklet reveals that the sheer of the tourism sector, and the myriads of players in its value chain, means that fulfilling tourism’s potential requires strong and coordinated actions from all sectors. In particular, tourism requires services including meals and beverages, accommodation

and cultural experiences, which are services that, in some cases, can be provided by the agricultural sector and farmers.

Agri-tourism is a growing niche sector which offers tourists an authentic experience embedded in local food and culture and combines rural aesthetics with agricultural production into a dynamic tourist package. It gives the travelers the opportunity to experience the environmental, cultural and agricultural activities, creating income for farmers” comments Marco Marzano de Marinis, Secretary General of WFO.

Agri-tourism offers an additional economic advantage for hundreds of thousands agricultural enterprises while diversifying their production activities.

A virtual tour from Mauritius to USA, from Japan to Mozambique, Germany, Italy and Caribbean to show the potential of tourism across different regions and the interlinkages with agricultural systems also covering subjects such as biodiversity, gender and youth.




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