22 Nov 2016

Press Release:Training Workshop on VGGT- Day 2


Kampala, Uganda - The second and last day of the training workshop, organized by WFO and UNFFE with the supporto of FAO in Kampala, Uganda, started with a presentation of the roles that farmers’ organisations could have in fostering the implementation of the VGGT in Uganda.

Farmers participants, who are the representatives of the most important farmers’ organisations at district level, identified some actions which are required to boost the land governance and land tenure in their respectives areas. Many were the initiatives suggestes such as building capacities of farmers, especially young farmers, awareness raising and education for farmers, engaging local government leadership at local level, networking and partnership with other players and encouraging the creation of a larger number of fora and dialogues with the governments at all level on land management.

The FAO land tenure officer in Uganda explained the National land tenure context in the light of the VGGT, showcasing the CCO pilot program in the Kasese district, where for the first time a customary certificate of ownership was established for many farmers in the area, who are now free to invest in their land and to cultivate long term crops.

The farmers involved were very satisfied abou the training workshop, recognizing that the knowledge acquired will be instrumental for future lobby activities at all levels, to ensure that their voice will be herad and included in designing policies on land management.