23 Nov 2016

Speech of Paulo Gouveia, Chief Policy Adviser at Copa-Cogeca

Item IVf. Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition

Madam Chairperson,
WFO presents its compliments to the CFS Chair, Secretariat and the Member States for the excellent work dispensed so far in the different subjects treated and in particularly in the annual update of the Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition.

Under the hat of WFO, a coalition of International, regional and sub regional farmer Organizations from all over the World is represented, namely, FARM Mercosur; EAFF; SACAU; COPA-COGECA; CAFAN; PAFO; UMNAGRI.
I am Paulo Gouveia, Chief Policy Adviser at Copa-Cogeca, that represents the European farmers and agri-cooperatives.

Farmers encourage the endorsement of the fifth version of the Global Strategic Framework that has been updated to incorporate the policy recommendations agreed at the last CFS Plenary Session in 2015 on Water for Food Security and Nutrition and the Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises. These policy products would serve as a reference for future policy interventions towards the sustainable management of water in agriculture and the promotion of food security and nutrition in context of crises.
Farmers recognize the relevance of this framework to achieve food security and nutrition, adopting a broad perspective that also consider issues related to malnutrition and food in security as climate change, environment, food losses and waste, water sanitation, women’s empowerment, sustainable agriculture. The global farmers’ network would ensure its engagement in all the activities to disseminate the GSF at local, national, regional and International levels, as it would be a useful tool to improve coordination and guide coherent actions in food security and nutrition-related issues.
We welcome the work of the Open-ended Working Group on GSF this year and in the future to make the GSF more friendly and easy to disseminate and use, also using information technology tools. Farmers are ready to work with all the CFS stakeholder also on this important task.
Thank you, Madam Chairperson.