WFO General Assembly 2016

09 Mar 2016

2016 General Assembly will take place at AVANI Victoria Falls Resort, Livingstone, Zambia, from 4 to 7 May 2016.

For a detailed agenda and more information on logistical arrangements vistit our brand new dedicated website

First Day: 4 May 2016

09:00 - 16:00 Farmers’ Growth (four parallel temathic workshops)

First Day: 4 May18:00 - 20:00

Opening Session

SPEAKERS: Representative of ZNFU Livingstone/Kazungula Farmers’ Association

H.E. Mr Fred Sikazwe Mayor of Livingstone

Mr Graziano Da Silva Director General, Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO

H.E. Ambassador Amira Gornass Chair Committee on World Food Security, CFS, Rome

Mr Philip Kiriro President, East Africa Farmers Federation, EAFF, Nairobi

Mr Abdul Nyathi President of Zimbabwe Famers’ Union and Representative of SACAU, Pretoria

Mr Theo de Jager President, Pan African Farmers’ Organization, PAFO, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mr Ezzar Abdelmajid President, Union Maghrébine et de l'Afrique du Nord des Agriculteurs, UNMAGRI, Tunisi

Mr Chance Kabaghe Chairman SeedCO, Synopsis of Zambian Agribusiness, Lusaka

Dr Evelyn Nguleka President, World Farmers’ Organisation, WFO, Rome

Guest of Honour H.E. Given Lubinda Minister of Agriculture of Zambia, Lusaka

MODERATOR:Dr Marco Marzano de Marinis Secretary General, World Farmers’ Organisation, WFO, Rome20:00

Reception Dinner

Second Day: 5 May

WFO Statutory and Political discussion

09:00 - 11:00


President’s Report

Dr Evelyn Nguleka President, WFO, Rome

Secretary General’s ReportDr Marco Marzano de Marinis Secretary General, WFO, Rome

Board of Auditors’ Report

Mr David Velde Head of Auditor, WFO, Rome 

  • Adoption of New Members and voting rights
  • Discussion and approval of WFO 2015 General Assembly Minutes
  • Nomination of candidates for the WFO Board
  • Nomination of candidates for the WFO Board of Auditors

11:00 - 11:30Coffee Break11:30 - 13:30(contd.)


  • Discussion and review of WFO Strategic Plan Process  
  • Discussion and review of WFO policies’ development (i.e. innovation) 
  • Substantive reports from WFO constituencies

13:30 - 14:30 Lunch

14:30 - 16:00(contd.)


  • Discussion and approval of WFO 2017 Membership, Association and Affiliation Fees; Status of membership fees due from previous years and ensuing action
  • Discussion and approval of WFO 2015 final budget and 2016 and 2017 provisional budgets, as well as of the accompanying reports

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 18:00 ORDINARY SESSION   

  • Discussion and approval of WFO 2017 General Assembly venue
        Election of WFO Board Members by plenary session
        Election of WFO Auditors by plenary session
        Sundry matters20:00Reception Dinner

Third Day: 6 May

Partnership for Growth

Farming world is a big family. A community of people, livelihoods, organizations, cooperatives, public and private sector entities, Government, research institutions that walk in the same direction responding to the food and security need of the planet, in a sustainable manner and in the respect of all involved stakeholder.Collaborative relationships between these actors and combination of their complementary strengths and resources to achieve a common goal means partnership.Partners equally share the risks, responsibilities, resources and benefits of that collaboration and learn from it through regular monitoring and review. Now a day, the world is a 24-hours- connected community where all stakeholders are inextricably interrelated among each other and the greatest strength reseeds in the ability of each of them to develop close partnerships with the largest number possible of entities. Establishing effective partnerships among the different actors of the value chain is key foster farmers’ access to market and gain better returns. In the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals implementation, a multistakeholder approach is necessary to achieve sustainable development for all. Stronger participation of farmers in decision-making processes is key to creating favorable policy environment for rural development.It is to the above extent that the 2016 General Assembly of WFO is held under the overall theme of “Partnership for Growth”, with a view to promoting the importance of a farmer-centric approach of the sector, where farmers are at the center of a complex economic system that works in their support.Representatives of different stakeholders will discuss with farmers on how improve partnerships among stakeholder in the agricultural sector.

09:30 - 11:00 WELCOME REMARKS

Dr Marco Marzano de Marinis Secretary General, WFO, Rome


Dr Evelyn Nguleka President, WFO, Rome

H.E. Given Lubinda Minister of Agriculture of Zambia, Lusaka

Partnerships For Growth

H.E. Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia

MODERATOR Mr Ndambo Ndambo Executive Director, ZNFU, Lusaka

11:00 - 13:00

Session 1: Fostering economic growth through a multistakeholder approach in agriculture


Mr James F. Ennis Executive Director, Catholic Rural Life, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, United States

Dr Evelyn Nguleka President, WFO, Rome

Mr Sana Jatta Director of the East and Southern Africa Division, IFAD, Nairobi

Dr Yvonne Harz-Pitre PhD, Director Communication & Public Affairs, International Fertilizer Industry Association, IFA, Paris

Mr Pekka Pesonen Secretary General, Copa-Cogeca, Bruxelles

Mr George Okech FAO Representative in Zambia, Lusaka

Mr Steven Were Omamo Deputy Director of Policy and Programme Division, WFP, Nairobi

Mr Luis Miguel Etchevehere President, Sociedad Rural Argentina, Buenos Aires

Mr Fritz Glauser Vice President, Swiss National Farmers’ Union, Zurich

MODERATOR: Ms Denene Erasmus Journalist, Farmers Weekly, South Africa

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - 16:00 Session 2: Strenghening farmers’ involvement in global policy dialogue on agriculture

SPEAKERS: Mr Choe Okuno President of JA Zenchu,Tokyo

Dr Letshwenyo Moetapele Sub-regional Representative for Southern Africa, World Organisation for Animal Health, OIE, Paris

Ms Mamati Tembe Head of Southern African Countries, Bayer, Johannesbourg, South Africa

Mr William Rolleston WFO Vice President, St Andrews, New Zealand

Mr Joachim Rukwied President, DBV, BerlinH. E. Claudio Javier Rozencwaig Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina to FAO, IFAD, WFP, Rome

Mr Albert Jan Maat Chairperson, LTO Nederland, Agriterra, Ad Arnhem, The Netherlands

Mr Achuo Andrew Enow Coordinator, Facilitation Unit, Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture, GACSA, Rome

MODERATOR: Ms Denene Erasmus Journalist, Farmers Weekly, South Africa

16:00Closing Ceremony

16:30 Press Conference

Fourth Day - 7 May


07:00 Depart from AVANI Resort

Mukaziwa Farm
150km from LivingstoneMukaziwa farm is involved in crops and livestock production; black carrot, tobacco & maize and beef & dairy.

11:00 Depart from Mukaziwa Farm

Chano Farm
12km from Mukaziwa Farm

Chano is a thriving mixed emerging farm running a mixed beef cattle herd, a piggery, with goat and sheep. Chano represents a number of upcoming zambian smallholders who are increasingly diversifying into livestock.

12:30 Light Lunch Break at Chano Farm Delegates to carry lunch packs from hotel

13:30 Depart from Chano Farm Alexswill Farm
15km from Chano Farm Registered in 1994 as a bonsmara stud alexswill farm produces well adapted bonsmara bulls and females which are increasingly making a +ve contribution to the zambian beef cattle production. The is also involved in crops production.

15:30 Depart from Alexswill Farm