31 Jan 2017

Agricultural Resilience in Action: Technical Roundtable at the World Bank

Workshop | Washington, DC | 8:30 am – 05:00 pm, February 1st, 2017


The Agriculture sector and the global food system are highly vulnerable to a growing set of diverse risks. For centuries, rainfall variability, drought, floods, pest and disease outbreaks, have led to production shortfalls, and threatened global food security. Having come into focus during the recent food price spikes, risks from market volatility and uncertainty in the broader enabling environment continue to pose major risks. Now, with the advent of climate change and the intensifying globalization of agricultural commodity markets, the challenge of adequately and proactively managing agricultural risks and to strengthening the resilience of the food system are going to be more important than ever in ensuring food security and reaching multiple of the SGDs.

The objective of the workshop is to share knowledge and lessons learned on various topical themes of agricultural resilience. This workshop will offer an overview of the latest thinking on resilience at a conceptual and applied level paired with accounts of on the ground country experience to inform a discussion on the future direction and priority actions of the food system resilience community.