15 Jun 2016

Farming First & CGIAR Side Event: EU Development Days (15 June 2016)

Agriculture is the common thread that links each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Science, technology and innovation are a farmer’s most powerful tool in the pursuit of the SDGs. They help farmers make breakthroughs every day: to feed their families, earn a better living, and look after the natural resources on which we all rely.

Farming First and CGIAR will discuss the ways in which science and innovation are being harnessed to boost global agricultural development and how they can be accelerated further for maximum impact. Which scientific advances are already showing the most promise in tackling the SDGs? What are the bottlenecks that must still be overcome? How can various sectors collaborate more effectively to deliver innovations to farmers?

Detailed information on the event are available at: http://www.cgiar.org/consortium-events/2016/06/15/farming-first-cgiar-side-event-at-eu-development-days-2016/