13 Jun 2016

GACSA Annual Forum 2016 - WFO Farm Visit ( 14 June 2016)

To time with the GACSA Annual Forum 2016, the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome (Camera di Commercio di Roma), is organising on 14 June 2016 a field visit to a Climate-Smart Farm, “Ortosole”, located in a protected historical area, few kilometres far from Rome, Italy. Ortosole is a member of the CIA - Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori, member of WFO.

The event will give the opportunity to the participants to witness how Italian farmers have adopted climate-smart agriculture practices and have improved yields, increased incomes and are conserving scarce resources.

In particular, participants will explore climate adaptation techniques, such as the use of osmofilm plant for wastewater management. The benefit of this solution is that it offers a rigid but movable platform which carries the water coming from the sprayers’ washing operations towards permeable bags that ensure water evaporation, without environmental damages.

During the farm visit, participants will witness how farmers climate mitigation agricultural practices, such as the pest and disease control and ecological mulching.

As a result, with a better management of water, soil and weeds Ortosole achieves land conservation and the protection of the soil. This technique has increased the endives’ yields up to 30%.

Finally, participants will see first-hand the variety of the Mediterranean biodiversity through the so called “Flower Strip Project”. This was designed to raise the number of pollinators and vulnerable bird species, ensuring more agricultural ecosystem resilience. They create also bird houses to sustain the local avifauna and promote organic farming of local crops such as the roman zucchini through programmes of smart protection.

We advise you to dress weather appropriately: light, loose clothing and a hat. We also advise you to wear comfortable shoes (sneakers or something similar) for the visit.

Provisional Agenda

09.00 Meeting point in front of FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla

09:30 Departure

10:15 Farm visit

  • * introduction on climate change challenges and the Farm Network Project
  • * flower strips
  • * ecological mulching
  • * melon fields
  • * wastewater management-osmofilm

13:15 Move to the factory

13:25 Lunch (lunch bags will be provided)

14:00 Visit to the Ortosole's factory and explanation of their techniques related to climate change challenges

14.30 Return to FAO