CNBC | Global food prices are soaring. Rice could be next

Food prices have been on the rise in the past few months, and export bans have followed. Rice could be next in line. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization Food Price Index already shows international rice prices creeping up for the fifth straight month to reach a 12-month high.

CGIAR | Rising commodities prices driven by the Russia-Ukraine crisis threaten to undermine Kenya’s economy, increase poverty

Much of the early attention on the Russian-Ukraine conflict’s food security impacts has been concentrated on countries highly dependent on wheat imports from the Black Sea region. Given the important role that wheat products play in the diets of people in Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, and other countries, the interruption in Black Sea wheat trade and high prices have raised serious concerns about rising levels of food insecurity, poverty, and instability around the world.

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New York Magazine | Russia’s War in Ukraine Is Also a War on the Global Food System

This global emergency has multiple causes, from climate change to COVID-related supply-chain disruptions, but one event affecting all these far-flung countries is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

KCUR 89.3 | Western Kansas wheat crops are failing just when the world needs them most

Russia's war in Ukraine has disrupted global food supplies, driving up demand and prices for wheat. But after months of drought, many western Kansas farmers won’t have a crop to sell.

Foodtank | Ukrainian Farmers Fight to Stay Alive

As Russia’s war against Ukraine continues, Ukrainian farmers are facing shortages in farming supplies and funding. But farmers are fighting to maintain their livestock and plant spring crops.

EU Reporter | Common Agricultural Policy: How does the EU support farmers?

From supporting farmers to protecting the environment, the EU's farm policy covers a range of different goals. Learn how EU agriculture is funded, its history and its future, Society.

The Hindu | Global wheat prices jump after India export ban and Ukraine war: Food and Agriculture Organisation

Last month, India announced that it was banning wheat exports in a bid to check high prices amid concerns of wheat output being hit by the scorching heat wave.

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