Texana gazzette | Ukraine war imperils wheat, but farmers in no rush to pivot

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Russia's war in Ukraine could mean changes for Ed Kessel's farm along a quiet stretch of western North Dakota.

CNBC | Russia-Ukraine War: How the crisis could impact food supplies, trigger social and political unrest

Experts have said higher food prices could result in unrest in several countries like in the 2007-08 crisis, when riots broke out in countries like Bangladesh and Haiti. People have already started protesting against the surging prices in Iraq

South China Morning Post | How war in Ukraine fuels a food crisis in Africa

The continent relies heavily on Russian and Ukrainian exports, but Russia’s invasion and resulting sanctions have disrupted supply and pushed up prices Wheat, corn, sunflower oil and fertiliser are among the products affected, along with oil, compounding the impact of political instability and drought

The Telegraph | Four sustainable food systems to save the planet

As the war in Ukraine heightens food insecurity, a new report argues that producing what we eat in a sustainable way will lessen dependence of imports while fighting climate change. With no end in sight to the war in Ukraine, one unintended consequence has been the threat to world food security.

The Economic Times | Ukraine war threatens to cause a global food crisis

A crucial portion of the world’s wheat, corn and barley is trapped in Russia and Ukraine because of the war, while an even larger portion of the world’s fertilizers is stuck in Russia and Belarus.

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