Farm Policy News – Illinois | Ukrainian Farmers Plant First 150,000 Hectares, as Concerns Over Food Price Discontent Persist

Reuters writer Pavel Polityuk reported yesterday that, “Major global grain grower Ukraine has sown the first 150,000 hectares of spring crops amid the Russian invasion which could sharply reduce the sowing area, the country’s deputy agriculture minister said on Friday.

The Sun Nigeria | Africa and the looming food crisis

The on-going war between Russia and Ukraine has reportedly affected the global economy with sharp increase in the price of cereals and agricultural input such as fertilizer. It is against this backdrop that the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, recently raised the alarm that the war will likely trigger food riots and political crises in many African countries, especially those that depend so much on food imports from the troubled war zone.

Coldiretti | Ucraina: 100mila aziende agricola a rischio chiusura

Sono quasi centomila le aziende agricole italiane che rischiano di fermare l’attività a causa dell’esplosione dei costi di produzione che superano di gran lunga quanto pagato agli agricoltori e agli allevatori per i loro prodotti, dal latte alla frutta, dalla carne alla verdura, riducendo l’autonomia alimentare del Paese e la sua capacità di rispondere a shock di approvvigionamento generati dalle tensioni internazionali. E’ quanto emerge dall’analisi di Coldiretti su dati Crea in riferimento agli effetti della guerra in Ucraina dopo la crisi generata dalla pandemia Covid.

CNBC | Russia-Ukraine War: How the crisis could impact food supplies, trigger social and political unrest

Experts have said higher food prices could result in unrest in several countries like in the 2007-08 crisis, when riots broke out in countries like Bangladesh and Haiti. People have already started protesting against the surging prices in Iraq

World Economic Forum | Humanitarian Action

The Forum and its partners are collaborating on humanitarian action in Ukraine and beyond. Explore in the pieces below insights from Forum thought leaders on the war and its global impacts.

South China Morning Post | How war in Ukraine fuels a food crisis in Africa

The continent relies heavily on Russian and Ukrainian exports, but Russia’s invasion and resulting sanctions have disrupted supply and pushed up prices Wheat, corn, sunflower oil and fertiliser are among the products affected, along with oil, compounding the impact of political instability and drought

The Counter | Ukraine says crop yields may be cut by half as Russian attacks continue

As Russia continues its military assault on Ukraine, Ukraine’s agriculture minister warned that its spring crop, and even next year’s harvest, could be halved, hampering its ability to continue to function as a major global agriculture producer and exporter

The Libya Observer | Guterres: Ukrainian war could lead to food crisis in many countries, including Libya

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed concern Wednesday that the war between Russia and Ukraine could lead to a food crisis in the Middle East and Africa.

Pressenza | Small farmers and World Food Security: Change of Course at the United Nations and Open Letter to the FAO

A change in the definition of small farmers by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) means that their share of global food production now appears to be a lot smaller than before. Civil society organisations and representatives of small farmers see this as a major danger that could lead to a policy shift towards more support for large-scale industrial farms. The consequence would be the destruction of traditional regional and local smallholder structures, even though these contribute enormously to feeding the world.

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