Ukraine Crisis Agri-Information Hub/Value Chain Initiatives2022-03-25T10:36:06+01:00

Ukraine Crisis Agri-Information Hub/Value Chain Initiatives

What you need to know about the main issues affecting the whole food value chain related to the Ukraine crisis.

Ukraine Crisis Agri-Information Hub/Press Review

This section offers an insight into the media coverage on the issues impacting the agricultural sector as a result of the Ukraine crisis.

FarmDoc Daily | Fertilizer Prices, Rates, and Costs for 2023

While fertilizer prices have declined since spring, fertilizer prices remain high, and fertilizer costs are significantly higher than a year ago. Therefore, reducing rates where practicable seems prudent. Some fields will have soil test levels above those that will cause a yield response from phosphorus and potassium applications. Significantly reducing or eliminating applications in these fields is economically prudent. Moreover, nitrogen applications above university recommendations can substantially reduce returns. Changes in nitrogen prices from now to spring likely will be influenced by changes in corn and natural gas prices.

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