On July 27th and 28th, 2020, FAO and IFAD as the joint secretariat of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028) are organising a Multi-Actor Global Exchange Meeting to present the Modular Training Program on the Public Policy Cycle for Family Farming (MTP).

The MTP is the first global product developed in the framework of the UNDFF, to provide a technical-methodological capacity development tool for state and non-state actors to assist them in designing, implementing and monitoring public policies for family farming.

During the past months, WFO has been working closely with FAO and IFAD to collect case studies on public policies targeting family farmers in the different regions of the world at the national level. Case studies will provide the evidence base for the MTP, in order to link the policy cycle model to concrete examples of public policies in support of family farmers already in place at the national and regional level.

WFO has been actively engaged in this process, supporting FAO and IFAD by opening a call for collection of case studies among its member organisations. Case studies have been received from different countries, covering all continents. WFO is looking forward to continuing collaborating with FAO and IFAD in developing this tool, facilitating farmers’ active participation in the process as well as keep on raising awareness of the important role family farming plays globally for the achievement of sustainable and resilient food systems.