Scientific Council

An independent scientific body composed by scientists, experts and professors from across the globe, to equip WFO with the best scientific advice to enhance further the science-sound perspectives of the farmers’ voice in the international debate around agriculture and food systems.

CALL FOR INTEREST: WFO Scientific Council Seeks Scientists and Experts to advance the Farmer-Driven, Solution-Oriented, Science-Based Approach to Global Agriculture Decision-Making.

Daniel Berckmanns

Harry Clark

Paolo D’Odorico

Mariana de Aragão Pereira

Stephan De Smet

Mashid Dehghan

Sandro Dernini

Linde du Toit

Peer Ederer

scientific council

Vanni Frajese

Kate Gunn

Rob Jackson

Michael Lee

Frederic Leroy

Susan Macmillan

Neil Mann

Warren Mcnabb

Derrick Moot

Kopedi Alfred Ntabane

Geneviève Parent

Enrico Perticone

Liisa Pietola

Angelo Riccaboni

Bruno Ronchi

Dawie Roodt

Jacqueline Rowarth

Alice Stanton

Logan Thompson

Stephan van Vliet

Wilhelm Windisch