Potato Pro | Food crisis in Ukraine… South Korean domestic potato prices soar

Potato prices continue to rise. At the Garak Market in Seoul on the 4th, a box of 20 kg of potatoes was sold at KRW 75,367 (about USD 58.48). Compared to the average value (48,105 won) from 2019 to 2021, it rose by 57%. As of the 4th, the average price for a box of 20 kg of potatoes per week was KRW 71,747 (about USD 55.67).

South China Morning Post | Vietnam coffee farmers turn to avocados and durians as Ukraine war pushes up fertiliser costs

An official said despite the extra income from these additional crops, farmers are still having to cut back investment in their coffee trees Vietnam, which buys large amounts of fertiliser from Ukraine and Russia, is the world’s biggest grower of the robusta variety used in instant drinks and espressos

News 24 | Africa to experience sharp food price increases this month if war in Ukraine goes on – report

The Human Rights Watch predicts that food prices could go up by 17% if the war in Ukraine continues. Cameroon has urged its citizens to switch to cassava crops as a shortage of wheat is being felt. There are fears of food riots in Kenya since the last one in February calling for price reduction of food, which spread to social media.

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