El Paìs | La subida de costes asfixia a la industria alimentaria: “Un contenedor que valía 1.094 euros ahora me cuesta 14.590 euros”

El sector, que se da cita en el salón Alimentaria, descarta poder recuperar este año el negocio anterior a la pandemia a causa de los atascos en la distribución y al precio de las materias primas

Reuters | Ukraine’s agriculture minister warns over global prices

LVIV, Ukraine, April 4 (Reuters) - Ukraine's agriculture minister said on Monday he expects "quite a large harvest" this year and hopes Ukraine will be able to export grain, but warned that continuation of the war would mean higher prices for all countries.

China Global Television Network | Exclusive: Ukraine agriculture minister says harvest to be greatly impacted by conflict

Mykola Solskyi, the new Ukraine's Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, in an exclusive interview to CGTN's reporter Wu Lei, mentioned that the Ukraine can't export the amount of grain that they usually do. Moreover, the conflict has greatly influenced the sowing season that has already started in Ukraine.

Texana gazzette | Ukraine war imperils wheat, but farmers in no rush to pivot

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Russia's war in Ukraine could mean changes for Ed Kessel's farm along a quiet stretch of western North Dakota.

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