EU Reporter | Common Agricultural Policy: How does the EU support farmers?

From supporting farmers to protecting the environment, the EU's farm policy covers a range of different goals. Learn how EU agriculture is funded, its history and its future, Society.

Federal Ministry or Economic Cooperation and Develpoment BMZ | G7 Presidency, World Bank Group Establish Global Alliance for Food Security to Catalyze Response to Food Crisis

The "Global Alliance for Food Security" (GAFS), jointly convened by the Group of Seven (G7) Presidency and the World Bank Group to catalyze an immediate and concerted response to the unfolding global hunger crisis, was launched at the G7 Development Ministers meeting today in Berlin, Germany.

Euractiv | La sécurité alimentaire à nouveau au menu des dirigeants européens, avec une dimension mondiale

Avec leurs promesses et leurs initiatives mondiales à mettre en œuvre dans les prochaines années, les sommets de l’OTAN et du Conseil européen de la semaine passée ont marqué le retour de la production alimentaire comme outil d’aide humanitaire et de stabilisation géopolitique.

Republic World | Ukraine’s Grain Exports Declining; Minister Warns Of ‘dramatic Impact’ On Global Market

Ukraine accounts for 10% of the wheat production in the world; however, due to the Russian aggression, the export has reduced to one-tenth.

The Sun Nigeria | Africa and the looming food crisis

The on-going war between Russia and Ukraine has reportedly affected the global economy with sharp increase in the price of cereals and agricultural input such as fertilizer. It is against this backdrop that the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, recently raised the alarm that the war will likely trigger food riots and political crises in many African countries, especially those that depend so much on food imports from the troubled war zone.

World Economic Forum | Humanitarian Action

The Forum and its partners are collaborating on humanitarian action in Ukraine and beyond. Explore in the pieces below insights from Forum thought leaders on the war and its global impacts.

Agronotizie | Mercati agricoli, dopo la guerra potrebbe colpire la siccità

L'evento consolida già i suoi primi effetti sulle previsioni dei raccolti Ue secondo il Coceral, ma è pronto a irrompere per la seconda annata consecutiva nell'Ovest degli Usa, secondo le previsioni del Noaa valide fino a tutto giugno

Agronotizie | Crisi in Ucraina, le risposte dell’Unione Europea

Quanto rischia di perdere l'Ue a causa della guerra? Aiuti nel settore suino, +500 milioni dai fondi della Pac, deroga temporanea sui terreni a riposo e maggiore ricorso agli aiuti di Stato, alla stregua di quanto fatto per la crisi del covid-19, sono le azioni a breve termine pensate dalla Commissione Ue

European Commission | Commission acts for global food security and for supporting EU farmers and consumers

The European Commission has presented a range of short-term and medium-term actions to enhance global food security and to support farmers and consumers in the EU in light of rising food prices and input costs, such as energy and fertilisers. The surge in global commodity prices, further accelerated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, highlights again the need for EU agriculture and food supply chains to become more resilient and sustainable, in line with the Farm to Fork strategy.

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