The General Assembly of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), the highest decision-making body of the Organisation, held its Internal Affairs Session on June 19, 2024, resulting in significant decisions and leadership updates.

Arnold Puech d’Alissac was confirmed as WFO President for the 2024-2026 term, solidifying his leadership role. Additionally, a new Vice President and new Members of the Board of Directors were elected, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the Organisation.

Central to the WFO General Assembly’s outcomes was the adoption of a new policy on Biodiversity and Nature and the revision of the WFO policy on Food Security and Nutrition.

These decisions are expected to significantly position the world’s farmers in the global political arena, stepping up their efforts to ensure that discussions about agriculture reflect and respond to farmers’ experiences on the ground.

Additionally, the WFO General Assembly has deliberated on setting the official establishment of the WFO YOUNG, a dedicated youth mechanism within WFO, by the next General Assembly in 2025. The process started in 2022 and continued in 2023 with consultations involving the WFO youth extended network. It concluded this year with the unanimous consensus among WFO global farmer leaders on the vision, mission, and positioning of WFO YOUNG.

There is a long way ahead and many opportunities to further elevate the role of farmers, especially young farmers, as true leaders of every global political debate on agriculture.