The WFO Strategy results from an authentic bottom-up process where Members establish the direction towards fulfilling the Organisation’s mission.

In this framework, the Farmers’ Route Declaration, adopted by the WFO Members during their 2019 Annual Meeting in Luxembourg, provides a clear roadmap for the Organisation to advocate for the interests of farmers in the global political dialogue on agriculture and food systems and make their voice heard even more loud and clear.

In 2017, the WFO General Assembly approved its 2018-2028 Strategic Framework in Helsinki, Finland. However, the world has undergone significant changes since then, and so has our Organisation.
Currently, from the political perspective, multilateralism is under unprecedented pressure, while the economic environment is experiencing a stronger and stronger concentration of power in value chains. Moreover, the pressure on natural resources such as water and biodiversity and the impacts of climate change have added to the numerous challenges that farmers face, contributing to a growing sense of uncertainty.
We have grown stronger, positioning ourselves as the Biggest Independent Global Farmers’ Voice, the reference Organisation for farmers’ representation in the international space. Furthermore, we have interpreted our core values of inclusion and democracy, leading to establishing a Solidarity Fund to support WFO Members experiencing financial troubles.
We are also working hard to give their deserved space to our young farmers through a new initiative called WFO Young.
Given these changes, the time has come for WFO to review the strategic framework at its mid-term implementation path to enhance the responsiveness of the Organisation to these and future developments.

In May 2019, in Luxembourg, the General Assembly of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) approved the “Farmers’ Route Declaration”, a statement that looks to promote a real “farmer-driven approach” to tackle the global challenges humankind faces, highlighting the path that the farmers of the world are already building and following to achieve a more sustainable future for all humankind.
The “Farmers’ Route Declaration” reaffirms the principle of the “Farmers Driven Climate Change Agenda”, adopted by the WFO Members in 2018 in Moscow, Russia, to enhance the position of the farmers in the global political dialogue on agriculture, starting from the climate negotiations.