An Organization created by the farmers for the farmers

The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) is a member-based association, bringing together national farmers’ organizations and agricultural cooperatives from all over the world.

WFO mission is to represent the farmers’ voice and advocate on their behalf in all the relevant international processes affecting their present and their future, ranging from the global dialogue on agriculture to nutrition and sustainability.

This includes Climate Change negotiations (COP), Committee on World Food Security (CFS), United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction (Sendai Framework), IFAD’s farmers’ forum, AMR debate (OIE, FAO, WHO), trade (WTO), and many more.

The objective is to create the conditions for the adoption of policies and programs that can improve the economic environment and livelihood of producers and rural communities, strengthening the contribution of agriculture in tackling the challenges humankind faces.

Following the latest developments in the international arena, in particular the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the United Nations and the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, WFO equipped itself with the 2018-2028 Strategic Framework, which is providing the overarching framework for the works of the Organization over the next ten years. It was adopted by WFO General Assembly 2017, in Helsinki, Finland, and establishes the overall direction that the Organisation will take to foster the farming sector at global level.

Within this framework, the WFO General Assembly 2019, in Luxembourg, adopted the Farmers’ Route Declaration, a statement that looks to promote a real “farmers driven approach” to tackle the global challenges humankind faces, highlighting the path that the farmers of the world are already building and following to achieve a more sustainable future for all humankind.

The “Farmers’ Route Declaration” reaffirms the principle of the “Farmers Driven Climate Change Agenda”, adopted by the WFO General Assembly 2018, in Moscow, Russia, to enhance the position of the farmers in the global political dialogue on agriculture, starting from the climate negotiations.