The new edition of the WFO magazine, the F@rmLetter, wants to open up a unique perspective on the world of agriculture.
It looks to farming and beyond, exploring the connections between agriculture, natural resources, food systems, nutrition, biodiversity and sustainability in all its three dimensions.
Dealing with current issues, events, trends and innovative ideas in the world of agriculture, the F@rmLetter gives voice to all the relevant actors of the agricultural sector, farmers first, but also multilateral organizations, academia, civil society and private sector bodies.

F@rmLetter Issue n.2, June 2020

As the COVID19 pandemic turns everything upside-down in our economies and our societies, we experience a major paradigm shift across the globe for which there is no handbook, no pool of experience to source advise from. It does not matter anymore how good we were at our pre-COVID game, because the whole game has changed and the game since COVID19 has zeroed most of our achievements and the roadmap we have travelled up to here. What matters now is our resilience, our ability to innovate, share and support each other. Farmers have always been good at that.



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