F@rmLetter Issue n.1, Stories from the field2020-03-27T18:27:34+01:00

F@rmLetter Issue n.1, Stories from the field

Sustainability practices on farm

By Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) Description As the frequency of events like droughts increases under climate change, crop yields would decrease. This would increase the vulnerability of producers to climate change, particularly in semi-arid regions of Canada. Warmer [...]

28 March, 2020|


By French livestock institute (IDELE), interprofession of meat and milk (Interbev and CNIEL) and farmers associations (CNE) Description Since 2013, ruminant breeding sectors have been engaged in the fight against climate change. Today more than 12,000 cattle farms are [...]

28 March, 2020|

Production finance in disaster areas

By Southern African Agri Initiative (SAAI) Description A third of South Africa is currently facing a drought crisis that has reached such serious levels that entire communities are in trouble, including agricultural businesses. This is the third consecutive year [...]

28 March, 2020|
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